You ever walk along the street and see something random that just gets your blood boiling? Apparently bulls deal with the same thing.

Surveillance footage from Brazil was released from an incident a few months ago, showing the strange behavior of a bull that got pissed off at a parked car.

The video starts with a cow and a bull wandering down the street, but things take a turn when the bull takes notice of a car sitting on the side of the road, minding its own business. It was then that the bull turned and charged the parked car, moving it several feet.

It didn't stop there, the bull then continues to ram the hell out of the thing, while his girlfriend stands a few feet back presumably rolling her eyes at his embarrassing behavior.

After the car is properly re-parked off the road, up against the building the camera is attached to, he decides this punk has had enough, and walks back the way he came.

It just goes to show, you should always make sure you're in a proper parking zone, because some people take that crap seriously.

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