Someone working in the Deli at Walmart went home from work thinking, "That was a weird request from that lady today," but they've now gone viral.

A woman in Virginia ordered a party platter of sandwiches from Walmart, and asked for "half white, half wheat." Obviously, this means that half of the sandwiches will be two pieces of white bread with the meat and cheese between them, and half of the sandwiches will be two pieces of wheat bread with the meat and cheese between them, right? Not that obvious apparently.

When TikToker Ashlinm92 picked up the sandwich tray, she got home to find that the sandwiches were made as a piece of wheat bread and a piece of white bread; "Half white, half wheat."

AshlinM92 via TikTok
AshlinM92 via TikTok


I can just picture the person who made these sandwiches, worked to the bone putting deli trays together all day long. The department's short staffed and life at home ain't great. They look at the order sheet and think "Why on earth would this chick want this? Maybe it's some weird flavor thing? Boss always said customer's always right, I guess."

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