Apparently you can have "air rage" just like road rage. Examples include yelling at a flight attendant, fighting with another passenger, not listening to instructions, or being drunk and loud.


Researchers at the University of Toronto have found out why. It's not just because we all hate flying. According to their study, it's because you have to walk past all those smug idiots in first class to get to your crappy seat in economy.

You don't always have to, sometimes you board in the middle, right into coach. That way you never see Daddy Warbucks or the trust fund brats up to your left. But when you do have to walk past them, it can make you crazy. People are twice as likely to have "air rage" if they have to walk through first class to get to their seats.

The researchers say, "Psychology tells us that when people feel a sense of deprivation and inequality, they're more likely to act out." Boarding through first class doesn't just make us poor people crazy, it also makes the first class people crazy. They're twelve times more likely to have an air rage incident if all the economy people have to walk past them.

The theory behind that is, "When people from higher social class backgrounds are more aware of their higher status, they're more likely to be antisocial, to have entitled attitudes, and to be less compassionate."

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