For about the past year, I've been selling vinyl albums in online auctions and person-to-person sales. I've been storing these stupid things for years (like 20 years) and almost sold my entire 7500 album collection for about $200 5 years ago. I didn't. Just couldn't pull the trigger I guess.

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

Well, lately I've been testing the waters (First a few 12" House Music records sold for 8.00, then some old Nitzer Ebb and Ministry 12" singles for 15.00. Really?) and found that some of my old records are in demand for various reasons. Not the typical collector stuff mind you (I have the Beatles First Three original recordings including the headless babies album cover, and and old Bowie record Diamond Dogs) but weird, out of the way stuff. And I couldn't be happier selling it.

My next move is considering opening an ebay store ( anyone do this?), but I'm faring better at places like or where I don't have to pay a shit-ton of fees. I haven't gutted my collection or anything, but I'm happy to part with stuff I don't have an emotional connection with. BTW the former punk lovers are everywhere. Just sold The Black Flag single of T.V. Party and a 12'' of Black Flags's Who's Got The 10&1/2 for $100. Score.