On Tuesday, March 1st's episode of Wheel of Fortune, fans were left in awe with a contestant's absolute inability to get a puzzle's answer guessed correctly.

A contestant named Laura had almost all of a puzzle solved that read "ANOTHER    FEATHER    _N    YO_R    _A_."

Laura guessed "Another feather in your hat," which was incorrect.


The other players took their turns; Christopher incorrectly guessed the letter G, and Thomas landed on Bankrupt.

"Another feather in your lap," Laura guessed, which obviously was also not accurate.

"D," Christopher guessed next, which was incorrect.

Thomas spun the wheel again and landed on "Lose A Turn" this time, giving Laura another opportunity to guess.

She spun the wheel, and guess the letter "P," giving her only one letter left to figure out of that troubling last word.

"Another Feather in Your MAP?" She guessed. Obviously not a Phrase, this was also incorrect.

Christopher spun and also hit Bankrupt. When Thomas took his turn, he guessed the letter "C," revealing that the last word of the puzzle was "Cap."

"Another Feather In Your Cap," he guessed, finally ending the painful two and a half minutes that cost two people their prize money.

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