A TikTok shared on nearly every other social media platform shows a man becoming upset with a neighbor over his Christmas light show that is synced with lights.

User @justinthelightguy begins the video by showing the home's musically synced light show, then switches to doorbell camera footage of the confrontation from a neighbor mid-show.

"This kind of sucks dude. It kind of sucks," the neighbor says. "Now I don't understand your childish need for f***ing attention all the time, I don't. Celebrating every calendar holiday."

Of course, as with anything, the video sparked arguments online with people taking the side of both people. It's important to note that the music played in the video isn't played over a speaker, but it's like any other light show, where they have their own radio frequency that plays the music the show is synced to.

I don't think the light show is in the wrong, but I can see why he's upset; there's a crap load of traffic, there's lights flashing in his windows, and people's car stereo's are probably louder than they should be. There's still about a month of light shows left, so that'll be a long time if you don't make your issues known.

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