You may have seen the video this weekend, but this Marine veteran deserves some more recognition for jumping into action at a Yuma, Arizona gas station.

James Kilcer, working these days as a contractor for the Department of Defense, was on his way to work at 4:30am, and stopped at the gas station for some drinks for the day.

"I was just getting ready to turn around to leave and I heard the door swinging open in an aggressive fashion," Kilcer told ABC 15. "It kind of had my spidey senses tingling a little bit."

9News via YouTube
9News via YouTube

Two armed robbers were walking into the store, guns drawn. Unfortunately for them, James Kilcer was standing by the door. Fortunately for them, Kilcer can't carry his gun at his new job, so he didn't have it with him.

"Well my first thought was that it was an awfully small barrel," he said.

Instinct kicked in, and Kilcer grabbed the gun while taking down the first robber in the door. The second one turned around and ran away before he even came through the door all of the way.

"The situation had to be dealt with, and there was really only one way to deal with it," the Marine said. "I picked my target and said that's the one I'm going for and he took an extra step towards me, towards the counter and he was in my reach."

Kilcer grabbed the gun with one hand, and swung his right hand into the robbers nose, possibly breaking it. In the hand as well, was a bag with cans and food in it, which swung into the side and back of the robber's head.

9News via YouTube
9News via YouTube

"I bring [the gun] up his body and grab him around his neck, and put the gun to his head. Spin him around, and get him in between me and -- because I didn't know if his buddies were gonna come at us," Kilcer told the news outlet.

As Kilcer fought with the robber, the accomplices ran off, but Kilcer asked the robber his age.

"I discerned that he was 14 because I asked him, 'How old are you?' And he goes, 'I'm just 14!" Kilcer said.

Authorities arrived and took the suspect to jail, and Kilcer went into work, a few minutes late.

On Friday, Yuma County Sherriff's Office said another juvenile has been arrested for one count of armed robbery and aggravated assault in this case.

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