The driver of an 18-wheeler walked away unscratched from this crazy accident that occurred in Massachusetts. The tractor-trailer was caught on camera skidding across two lanes of traffic, breaking through the edge of a bridge, and plunging into the cold waters below.

The front of the truck submerges into the water first, the trailer, still carrying momentum, flings itself upside down and lands hard on its opposite-side.

The driver luckily escaped the chilled waters. He could not swim, so he climbed on top of the tractor-trailer and waited for help to arrive. Massachusetts State Police and the Weston Fire Department arrived on the scene for rescue. Police said, the driver was taken to the hospital but was found unhurt.

"The TT was carrying U.S. mail, therefore many of the packages had to be recovered as the truck broke in half coming out of the river,"  Massachusetts Police said in their Facebook post. Mail and packages were seen floating down the river. Postal inspectors responded to the scene and said they would help take care of all the packages that could not be rescued.

The accident occurred around noon on February 26th. Temperatures were reported to be 25 degrees.

"He was just saying he was really cold," Weston's Deputy Fire Chief Justin Woodside told WFXT-TV. "By the time that the state police called us and we got to the call and responded to the call say seven, eight, nine-minute mark. So he had already been wet in what was probably the low 30-degree water."

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