A Veteran received unbelievable news when he went to an Antique Roadshow walk up appraisal booth.

The Vietnam Era Veteran bought a Rolex watch while he was stationed in Thailand in the 1970's, but never wore it. The military salary at the time was $300-$400 a month, so buying a watch for $345.97 was a bit of a big purchase. He says as he regularly flew on American and Continental Airlines, all of the pilots had Rolex watches, so he decided they must be decent and bought one.

Originally purchased with the intent for scuba diving, the man never wore the watch, but kept it as well as the uncompleted warranty paperwork, brochure, the original boxes, and two receipts: One for the order, and one for the payment.

The appraiser told him a watch like it could sell for as much as $400,000 at auction, and he fainted.

The appraiser emphasizes he said "Like this watch" before going on to explain with it being unworn and having all the documentation, it could be worth between $500,000 to $700,000. The vet is moved to tears.

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