Just days after he was arrested for being in violation of the Florida’s obscene material statute, Dillon Webb is cleared of all charges.

After the story gained nationwide attention, prosecutors from Columbia County State Attorney’s Office decided to drop the pair of misdemeanors in a  one-page filing, which was logged yesterday.

The prosecutor said that an evaluation of the evidence “through the prism of Supreme Court precedent” determined that Webb “has a valid defense to be raised under the First Amendment of our United States Constitution. Given such, a jury would not convict under these facts.”

Webb was pulled over on Sunday, May 5th in Lake City, Florida after an officer saw the sticker on the back window of his truck and was deeply offended. The officer gave him the option to remove or alter the sticker and when Webb declined after citing his First Amendment right, the officer arrested him.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

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