I hope this guy hasn't seen any of the "Final Destination" movies, because I'm pretty sure they're a sign he's supposed to be dead.

28-year-old Georgiy Karpekin was at Sacramento City College in Sacramento, California on Wednesday. While he was inside, some strong winds knocked a tree over right onto the roof of his pickup truck. It was wrecked.

Georgiy Karpekin

He got a ride to his home, and when he got there he saw that another tree had crushed his other car that was parked on the street.

So, yeah: He had two different cars in two different parts of town crushed by trees in the same day.

Georgiy Karpekin

Georgiy is surprisingly okay with how everything went down, "I feel like I'm the luckiest guy. Why? I came out alive [and] my insurance is covering it."

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