You know that LP it seems like only you love? Let's talk about those.

This list of Rock's 100 Most Underrated Albums includes an incredibly broad compendium of near misses, also-rans, shoulda-beens and forgotten gems. The reasons they were ignored are many. In some cases, they arrived at the tail end of a period of stirring success, but also of abject failure. Sometimes, bands moved too far outside of fans' comfort zones, or returned to their core sound too late for it to matter.

Some came early on, before a group's legend grew. Other times, they arrived very late in their careers – when the crowds had simply moved on. Some were even regarded as initial hits at the time, but have faded in the public consciousness after radio and soundtracks and hits packages focused the general public's attention elsewhere.

What holds the list together is the sense that every great band has that one record that too many people have ignored for too long. You know, the one you always end up trying to play for your friends – the one you've spent hours proselytizing about from the confines of various bars, living-room couches and sporting events. The one that everyone would love as much as you, if they just gave it a chance.

These often-overlooked projects tend to have that kind of personal impact, since by definition they are an experience shared with so few others. Well, until now: Check out Rock's 100 Most Underrated Albums:

Rock's 100 Most Underrated Albums

You know that LP that it seems like only you love? Let's talk about those.

Rock’s Most Hated Albums

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