From Bent River Brewing Co. in Rock Island, makers of my OTHER favorite stout, Uncommon, this IPA already has a head-start.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 39 degrees.

Nose: citrus immediately, and constantly through the entire drink.

Taste: Some acidity to the hops. But tangy.

5 out of 6 bottles

As a novice,  IPA's don't really have a middle ground for me.  The hoppy experience either runs right over me, leaving me dry-mouthed and thirsty, or the accompanying sweetness makes for an overall enjoyable beer.

Undercurrent is in the latter.  A smooth finish with a ton, ton of hops at the start.  The hint of citrus, or maybe sunflower gives this drinkability for us newbies, but I bet it's a treat for the seasoned (pun intended) IPA drinker also.

A great drinking experience.

Finally, a quick apology from a previous post.  Potosi was so delicious to me that it needed no lengthy description, which I guess defies the idea of this blog, from an admitted beer novice, describing the intricacies of each beer.  I will be more descriptive moving forward, on the outside chance that you might be reading this for information instead of entertainment.  Thanks for reading.