We're nearly at the one-year anniversary since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, and it's obvious that the Ukrainians are holding their own.

The evolution of social media has changed how the consumption of wartime footage is consumed, with many of the citizen-turned-soldiers sharing clips of their day-to-day happenings to TikTok.

Some show the horrible reality that is war, but some go for a lighthearted view of war, like this guy who fires a rocket launcher down a hill at Russian operators, but he took the time to set up his camera and start playing Fortunate Son on his phone.

One TikTok account, who calls themselves UkraineBrassBandJoker, show how they pass the time when they're taking shelter in what appears to be some kind of a makeshift bunker.

It's an impromptu jam session, with the soldiers using their weapons as instruments.

ukrainebrassbandjoker via TikTok
ukrainebrassbandjoker via TikTok

It's cute and all, and then becomes instantly hilarious when the video pans over to a soldier who has a marching Glockenspiel to play the melody.

Commenters thought the video was charming, but also had their own hilarious comments.

"Bro probably has more confirmed kills with the xylophone than anyone in his platoon," ItzAndy wrote.

"Sergeant. I thought you said glockenspiel, not Glock and shield," Andre commented.

Multiple countries are working to bring the Ukrainian forces more weapons, this week Germany and France are working on bringing the country some tanks to use so they're able to stand up to the Russian forces.

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