Topeka, Kansas, hometown of Kansas, is offering a cash incentive to residents who decide to pack up and move there.

Last week, the Choose Topeka program was announced, a program that matches employers funds given to a new employee to live and work for a year. The matching is good up to $10,000 for renters and up to $15,000 for home owners.

The program is aimed toward young couples just starting or looking to start a family who can fill the void Topeka has of talent based jobs, like animal-health science or financial gurus.

Choose Topeka will be offered to 40-60 residents during the initial run, offering performance based incentives in the year after the first year of employment. The population of Topeka is 125,000, only 23,000 more than Davenport.

The median value of a home in Topeka in 2018 were $113,700, with the median gross rent being $800.

Topeka is known for the Evil Knievel Museum, and its many breweries.

Read more at The New York Post

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