Why pull your car behind a U-Haul, when you can just put the car inside the U-Haul... Or I guess, halfway inside.

Drivers in Okanogan Washington were stunned to see this U-Haul cruising around the roads with an SUV hanging out the back.

Washington State Patrol
Washington State Patrol



The only thing that was keeping the SUV from falling out of the U-Haul was a single packing strap that wraps around the entire truck.

After a few days of the U-Haul driving around, it was finally pulled over on Highway 97 by State Patrol Trooper John Bryant.

“I suppose it’s moving season,” Bryant said.

Several people were questioning if this maneuver is actually illegal, and technically, the answer is yes. The driver was cited for failing to secure a load, which resulted in a $139 fine. On top of that, the driver didn’t have a valid license and the U-Haul was long overdue.

Many people in the comments assumed that there would be damage to the SUV and the U-Haul after that drive. Their assumptions were correct.

A former U-Haul manager said it wasn’t the first time he had seen something like this. “I guarantee the decking is damaged along with the suspension system. Going to be costly for the customer if it’s a legal rental.”

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