Noah Batz, 24, did a bunch of drugs with his brother Timothy, 21, last Sunday at their apartment in Indianapolis. Both ended up getting naked and went out to the parking lot where they started making out.

The brothers claim they'd been smoking magic mushrooms. I didn't even know you could do that, I thought you were supposed to eat them.

One of their neighbors saw them lying naked on top of each other outside. She says they kept screaming, "Look at us!" Then one of them ran up and punched her in the face.

After that, she says she watched them, "grab onto each other's head and passionately begin making out with one another in front of a dumpster." I can't imagine how proud their mother must be right now.

Apparently the pair also broke into a bunch of cars and threatened to kill at least two people. Cops eventually showed up and had to tase one of them.

Noah and Timothy are facing a combined 17 charges that include public nudity, battery, and resisting arrest. They pleaded not guilty on Wednesday and are due back in court in May.

Timothy and Noah Batz / Indianapolis Police Department
Timothy and Noah Batz / Indianapolis Police Department

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