When I was growing up, they sold dog treats that looked like Hershey's Kisses. We loved our dog, Buffy, so we wanted to get her the best. And what's better than Hershey's Kisses?

Of course, any chance we got we would ask our friends if they wanted a Hershey's Kiss and wait for them to unwrap it and pop it into their mouths. The company went as far as to wrap the dog treats individually like a Kiss. They had to have known jerk faces like me were going to make our unexpecting friends eat them.

Either way...the folks we tricked into eating dog treats were just poor judges of character as far as picking friends go. They didn't do it on purpose. They didn't go out of their way to find these dog treats and enjoy them for years on end.

This gal on Reddit told a story about her dad who had been going to a certain shop for 20 years or so to get these treats he likes. Turns out they were delicious (apparently) dog treats!

MixNo2769 on Reddit said:

Anyway, a few days after this conversation, he brought home a packet for me because he wanted to show me just how good they are. I looked at them and just burst out laughing. I'm still laughing now. Clear as day on the packet, dog treats. He has been eating dog treats for 20 years! I honestly can't believe it! He said he thought they were off-brand Digestives or something because they're round and not 'bone shaped'.

The jury is out on whether or not he will continue to eat them or not.

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