If you haven't visited Times Square in a while, here are two things you should know. One, Bubba Gump Shrimp is still the top dining option. And two, there are topless women in body paint who'll take photos with you for cash.

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You'd better abide by their terms, or they get furious. A 70-year-old guy took a photo of one of them this weekend, while she was sitting down for her dinner break.

Topless and painted with body paint, sure, but on her break. Come on guy. Plus, you gotta pay, dude. She spotted him, threw her cup of coffee at him and started beating him up.

18-year-old Tarrah Merill is another one of the topless models, and she joined in and started hitting the guy too. The first woman ran off before the cops got there, but Tarrah stayed. She was arrested for felony assault against a person 65 or older.

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