Growing up, we all thought we would do certain things when we became adults, only to find out life took a different route.

Here's a list of some of the most surprising activities we may have thought we'd never do as adults but, nonetheless, found ourselves doing anyway:

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Top 12 Things People Never Thought They'd Do as Adults

No one could have ever imagined that they would be doing any of these things when they were growing up. As a younger individual, you probably never wanted to go to bed early and thought you'd be a night owl all of your life, but as you grew up you started to fall into the habit of going to bed early. Many things affect our daily life as we grow up and cause us to change our habits.

Here is a list of 12 things people never thought they would do as adults, but ended up doing anyway.
No matter what kind of things we thought we'd never do as adults, life can bring us some interesting twists and turns. As a result, we might find ourselves doing these unexpected things and perhaps even enjoying them!


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