Tonight KISS hits the Taxslayer in Moline for what could be the last time ever. Their "End Of The Road" tour is making some noise outside the arenas as well.  They have been donating to local charities throughout this tour, courtesy of flash-painter David Garibaldi.  The former America's Got Talent Finalist will create a one-of-a-kind KISS-toric portrait using the band. and the Quad Cities as inspiration, on stage before the show.  The band will then sign the approximately 4x6' painting, and donate it to be auctioned for charity.

Birdies For Charity will receive the artwork, and it will be auctioned at a later date.  But the painting has to be received first, and KISS asks for two people from the sponsoring station to meet the band and the artist, and pick up the painting.

Enter; Dwyer, and Klinger.  Yes--we will have the painting in our hands moments before KISS takes the stage!  And we get to meet the band, in an unforeseen bit of magic.  I know how these "meets" go, so my expectations aren't for a thoughtful sit-down.  It will be cool to be face to face with those faces, I'm not gonna lie.  My only wish, is that, IF I get to say anything to Starman, it will be--"Call the crowd "Quad Cities" instead of, or in addition to, "Moline."  That will be my small role in tonights greatest last show.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Detl/Townsquaremedia2016
Photo Courtesy of Mark Detl/Townsquaremedia2016

Before that, I will be at Rascals in Moline for the big 97X pre-concert party!  Win big--your last chance for tickets to the show, plus other, one-of-a-kind Kiss stuff, 97X t-shirts and the dreaded 'More."

Electric Shock, The AC/DC Show will play a set before the shuttles run to the Taxslayer Center.  What kind of pre-concert party has a concert?  THIS pre-concert party!  Hope to see you at Rascals...should start percolating about 4PM!

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