February 22 is "Every Smile Counts Day" where dental supply and manufacturer companies will donate a portion of their sales on that day to Dental Lifeline Network.  Some dentists even take on a patient that day and donate time to that person who wouldn't be able to afford dental work.

According to DentalLifeline.org:

"Millions of people in this country have disabilities or are elderly or medically fragile and they cannot afford dental care. In most states, Medicare does not cover dental treatment and Medicaid provides little or no dental care for adults. Dental Lifeline Network often is the last resort; yet, we only begin to meet the need. More than 17,000 people are on wait lists for Donated Dental Services (DDS), our flagship program. With support from more volunteer dentists and dental laboratories and more funding, we can serve more people."

If you've got a dentist appointment, go ahead and ask if they are apart of this amazing service!

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