You may remember last New Years Eve when we were all set to ring in 2022 but then got the news that everyone's favorite Golden Girl had passed away.

The good news is, the legacy of Betty White can be continued through her love of animals and supporting those that are also animal advocates.

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She Left a Legacy

Sure, it's great seeing Betty White in old reruns, but what really brings a smile to my face is the legacy she left.  Throughout her lengthy career, she actively supported various animal-related NGOs by making donations, volunteering, raising money, and recording PSAs.

Even now, after she's passed, her fans can help the cause she so graciously brought attention to in life.

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Betty White Day

It's time to roll up our sleeves and do some good for our furry friends in need. That's right, in honor of the late, great Betty White, Hy-Vee is hosting a donation drive.

From January 11th to January 16th, all donated pet food and supplies will be going straight to the Quad City Animal Welfare Center and the Scott County Humane Society, and Clinton County Humane Society.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control
Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

What To Donate

Swing by the customer service counter and they'll even give you a list of needed items, but here are some ideas:

Food: Cat and dog wet and dry food, as well as food for birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs, among other species.

Bedding: Blankets, towels, and pet beds serve as bedding, giving the animals a cozy area to rest.

Toys: Chew toys, interactive toys, and balls are provided to keep the animals entertained and active.

Cleaning Supplies: To keep the shelter hygienic and clean, including laundry detergent, disinfectants, and other cleaning goods.

Leashes & Collars: When an animal is ready to be adopted, collars and leashes are necessary to ensure a seamless transition.

Treats: to improve their stay and aid in some animals' training.

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