November 5th is National Redhead Day, so embrace your red headed friends today, and let them know they're not that weird.

It's believed that the first redhead was born around 70,000 years ago in West Asia. Imagine everyone always having brown or black hair, and suddenly this baby shows up with hair the color of fire. I'm sure there were some "end times" conspiracies.

In the United States, National Redhead Day is also known as Love Your Red Hair Day, so expect social media to popping with #LoveYourRedHairDay hashtags.

Redhead Numbers:

  • 2% of the world's population has red hair.
  • Only 0.17% of the world's total population have the combination of red hair and blue eyes, making it the rarest color combination.
  • 13% of redheads live in Scotland, the highest concentration in the world.
  • 30% of primetime ads feature redhead models.
  • There are 2 Disney Princesses with red hair; Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Merida (Brave).
  • Redheads have a higher tolerance towards anesthesia, usually requiring about 20% higher of a dosage than the average person.
  • Roughly 45,000 redheads were killed between 1483 and 1784 for being accused of practicing black magic.

It's believed that those with red hair are more sensitive to pain, due to the MC1R recessive gene that causes the color difference.

How to Celebrate:

  1. Get Your Hair Done- Go to a salon and get your hair treated, you'll feel good, and your hair will be in good health.
  2. Have a Party with Redheads, and Have Everyone Else Buy Your Drinks- There's probably only a couple friends with red hair that come to mind, but it's your day, so make the normies buy your drinks.
  3. Watch Movies with Redhead Actors or Actresses- I Love Lucy," "La La Land," "The Wizard of Oz," as well as any others you can think of.

Quick Facts:

  • Redheads Gray Slower- Redheads hair tends to turn gray at a slower rate, and usually goes toward more of a silver or white than a gray.
  • Redheads Tend to be Left-Handed- Those with red hair have a higher percentage of left-handed dominant people than any other hair color.
  • Less Strands of Hair- Redheads have an average of about 90,000 strands of hair, where blondes have 110,000 and brunettes have 140,000.
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