Former two-time UFC heavyweight champion and Quad City favorite, Tim Sylvia, has become a new kind of world champion.

Known as "The Maine-iac," the now 47-year-old came back to a professional contact sport after retiring from the UFC 10 years ago.

Sylvia weighed in at 375 pounds and went up against a guy just known as the simple name of "The Bouncer." The first round of the slaps, Sylvia dropped The Bouncer, who was able to make a recovery during the allotted window.

Sylvia SlapFight

Four more rounds took place, with a few penalties for flinching and other mistakes, but Sylvia ended the fight in round five with a powerful slap that knocked The Bouncer off of his feet again.

This time, The Bouncer didn't get up, because SlapFight "catcher" and UFC Hall-of-Famer Mark Coleman waved off the fight.

Slyvia shared the highlight of the win on his Twitter account, saying "Man i loved this" about the win.

SlapFighting has taken a foothold with viewers as the new exciting sport to watch. Fighters of all weights and sizes stand across a table from each other, and take turns slapping until one gives up or is declared unable to continue.

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