TikTokers are breaking bones, getting concussed, and twisting ankles trying to take part of the new challenge called the "Milk Crate Challenge."

In the challenge, the challenger tries to get up and down a pyramid of milk crates, typically ending in the TikToker hurting. It sounds easy enough on paper, but the unstableness of the crates stacked seven high make for a dangerous, albeit entertaining, walk.

Allegedly, the start of the challenge came from a video shared to Facebook by a guy named Kenneth Waddell earlier this month.

Waddell and his friend both attempted to walk across the crates, failing spectacularly. One of the two fell straight onto the crates, at the very least knocking the wind out of himself, but it could've just as easily been a cracked rib.

The challenge took to TikTok quickly, with people trying their best to make it over the pyramid. Most failed the #cratechallenge spectacularly.

@denzelcrispyThis ##cratechallenge is doing TEW much! Btw he good y’all 😅 ( follow IG @ denzelcrispy )

♬ original sound - Denzel Crisp

But then, there's the few who completed the challenge in spectacular fashion, like this gal who was able to do it in heels.

She successfully did the ##cratechallenge wearing high heels 🙌🏾 ##womenrule ##latruth ##fyp ##latruthdropitlowchallenge

♬ Drop it low - LaTruth

The majority end up just landing straight on their ribs, just like this guy:

Either way, it's not a good idea to try this one, but if you do, get it on video.

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