We may not always feel capable, but other people don’t have to know it. Here are three weird things that can make you seem more competent and capable, according to research:

  1. Speaking quickly. Whether you're at work or talking to a friend, studies have shown other people think we're more capable when we talk fast. And here's a bonus; The faster you talk, the more chance you have of winning an argument, because the other person doesn’t have time to evaluate what you’re saying.
  2. Acting cold to people. Being a little standoffish makes you come off as more skilled than when you act warm and fuzzy all the time. A study back in 2009 tested it out, and people who weren't as easy to talk to were consistently seen as more competent.
  3. Asking for advice. This one's kind of like reverse psychology. Asking for someone else's input makes THEM feel smarter, which then reflects well on you.

At least one study found it works better for women though. If you're a guy, it can have the opposite effect. Especially if you're a man in a leadership position.

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