It's not often that you get three drunk drivers off the road at the same time, but it sure is convenient when you do.

Three drunk drivers crashed into each other in an intersection of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.

Around 2:45am Sunday, a Ford F250 was headed southbound on Highway 32, where it drifted into the other lane, causing a head-on collision with a GMC Yukon. As the accident came to rest, a Chevrolet Equinox driving north on the same road ran into the pickup truck.

The Yukon caught fire because of the severity of the accident. Officers say it was fully engulfed upon their arrival. The driver was nowhere to be found, but turned up at a hospital nearby soon after.

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Of the three involved in the accident, all of them have been arrested and charged with OWI;

  • Kraig Herbrechtsmeir, 56, his third OWI offense
  • Christopher Sanchez, 33, first OWI offense
  • Herbert Aguirre-Lopez, 45, first OWI offense

Traffic had to be shut down in the area for a few hours to clean up the mess the trio left behind.

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