Everybody has a laugh, and some are definitely more contagious than others, like this woman who has gone TikTok viral through her son's account.

In response to a previous video, Jerome Copeland had multiple comments requesting a video of his mom laughing.

In his reply video, which had more views than the original, he goads his mom into laughing in the infant section of a Walmart.

"Hey mom, the people want you to laugh again, so I gotta make it happen," he explains to her.

"Oh nooo," she says back with a smile, knowing what everyone wants to hear.

itsromebaby via TikTok
itsromebaby via TikTok

"I just want to hear you get a little bit of a laugh out, because the people want to hear your joy, and you need to share that with the world," Jerome tells his mom. "Your laugh sounds so delicate."

She thinks this funny, and lets out a little bit of a laugh, which sounds more like a cough than a laugh. Then, the full laugh comes out - sounding like a diesel trying to cold start on a brisk January morning.

You can't help but laugh at the absurdity of the woman's laugh.

"It’s like a kazoo" Ash commented.

DoM wrote, "Sound like a fighter jet firing its machine gun."

Some said the woman saying "There's people around" in the demonic laugh voice sounded like the hostage takers calling the police in any 80's movie.

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