Let the tournament begin ....  and watch out America, this may be the year for a Big 10 Champion!!  There's more parity in college basketball this year than in any year that I can remember.  Pretty much any team could beat any other team, on any given day.  I am officially sayin' that I don't see any other teams that look better or are playing any better right now than Michigan State or Indiana,  and Maryland and Purdue are in the mix of teams that could beat anyone else, too.  No I haven't forgotten Iowa.  If Iowa returns to mid-season form, THEY can also play with anybody in the country.

North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky ... they're all very beatable this year!  Xavier, Villanova, Kansas ...  same thing.  Oklahoma may be the only tem outside the Big 10 that concerns me a little.  So this year, I'm REALLY looking forward to gettin' it started next week!!  Hello "Vacation Days....."  !!

Dave Broberg - ThinkStock