If you live in Iowa, you already know that it's a fantastic place for Christmas. There's usually snow on the ground, blanketing our corn fields, lights strung on homes and businesses in the small towns, it's just overall a cute place for Christmas. Hallmark apparently feels the same way, because they've actually shot one of their famous Christmas movies here.

Christmas in Homestead takes place in, you guessed it, Homestead, IA.

A famous actress (Taylor Cole) has to come to a small town to shoot her new movie, and ends up with two suitors interested in her - one that looks like corporate guy with fancy hair, and one guy who's from the small town that has a young daughter who knows everything about the actress. I wonder who she ends up with at the end.

Homestead is one of the villages in the Amana Colonies, an Amish community founded in 1855. Today, the colonies are a well-known tourist stop for people that want to see locally hand-crafted furniture, antiques, craftwork and clothing.

You can wait and see if Christmas in Homestead makes a comeback during this season's Hallmark Christmas Movies, or you can check it out on Prime Video and Apple TV.

(Or just watch it right here)

It's a local taste of your favorite genre of Christmas movie, so it's definitely worth the watch.

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