I'll give you three hints to try and figure out who this famous person in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame is, and I bet no matter what, you won't.

Hint 3: He's From Illinois

Welcome to Illinois Sign

You know everyone famous from the State of Illinois so that probably doesn't help you too much, but this guy is an especially famous person from Illinois - known for his knowledge of the law.

Hint 2: He Was A President

The White House, Washington DC - Image
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Not only was he an outstanding wrestler who was known for his finishing moves, this wrestler was also one of the most notable presidents in our nation's history.

Hint #1: He Had A Height Advantage On His Opponents


At 6'4", he was a head or two taller than the majority of his opponents, so his reach and size in general brought a great advantage to him.

Did You Get It Right?

We're talking about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of The United States and the face on the $5 bill.

First Redesigned Five-Dollar Bill Goes Into Circulation
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An Esteemed Wrestling Career

On top of freeing the slaves and whooping the Confederate Army's butt, he also whooped some butt in his early 20s.

After word got out that Lincoln was an impossible to beat catch wrestler, it would seem everybody wanted a piece of him. A County Wrestling Champion at 20 years old, Lincoln's overall 12-year-long career would land him with a record of 300-1, according to Olympics.com.

His only defeat came during the Black Hawk War of 1832 at the hands of a wrestler named Hank Thompson, while Lincoln served with the Illinois Volunteers.

Signature Finishing Move

Lincoln is credited with inventing the chokeslam, which is used in wrestling entertainment today.

The Only One In The Wrestling Hall of Fame With His Face On a Mountain

Sure, it's not exactly the wrestling career that put his face on Mt. Rushmore, but it's still kind of funny to think that he's up there - the 300-1 record wrestler who invented one of the most iconic moves of wrestling.

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota
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