A Davenport woman is the victim of scammers posing as Iowa American Water employees. Apparently the men knocked at her door, gained entry to her home, and while one distracted her the other stole some property. This according to a news report on the Iowa American Water website.

Iowa American Water President Randy Moore says, "for the safety of our customers, we are reminding them that our employees always carry company-issued photo ID badges and will never come to a customer’s home demanding access or a payment to avoid water shut off." He goes on to say no one should feel bad about asking utility workers to wait outside while confirming that person is a legitimate utility worker. If you need to confirm someone is an employee of Iowa American Water you can call their customer service center at 1-866-641-2108 or Iowa American's local number at 563-468-9201.

Here are some other tips to avoid being scammed by fake utility workers:

  • All Iowa American employees have company issued ID cards.
  • Iowa American employees drive company vehicles with a logo on the side and wear company uniforms.
  • Iowa American employees will never ask for entry into your home after dark, unless the work has been scheduled by the customer, or it is an emergency response to a request from a customer.
  • Iowa American employees cannot accept payment in the field.
  • If in doubt of a worker's legitimacy contact Iowa American or your local police department.

If you follow these tips you'll avoid being the victim of a scam.



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