It's finally fall, here are a few reasons guys look better in the fall. Sweaters make them look educated, flannel shirts make them look rugged, they grow facial hair, etc.

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  1. Sweaters. Sweaters have a way of somehow making ANY guy look more intelligent.
  2. Flannel shirts. Flannel makes men look more rugged . . . especially if you roll up the sleeves. Plus, they look good on pretty much any dude.
  3. Pea coats. Every guy looks more sophisticated and better dressed in a nice pea coat.
  4. Movember. It's the time of year where even guys who probably SHOULDN'T have mustaches and beards try to grow them. And for the MOST part, it's a good idea.
  5. The weather. Colder temperatures make women want to cuddle, it's just a fact. And when it's cold out, guys just look warm. While THEY might think it's lame, you don't have to do a thing. So don't mess it up.
  6. They're not wearing sandals all the time. Sorry guys, your feet are kind of nasty to look at in the summer.

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