There are so many great places to live in America. Each state has something unique about it like parks, attractions, views, etc. But what makes certain states some of the top places to live? Geography. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

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Location, Location, Location

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John Foxx

• It's about where the state is: You're probably thinking to yourself that to be in the top states, it needs to be by an ocean. While that is the case with some of these states, that's not necessarily the biggest factor. Of the four Midwest states on this list, some of them are next to major lakes in America. But water isn't what makes these states the top places to live.

• Warm climates make a state great: The fact is that all 50 states in the Union have sun and warm weather at some point throughout the year. Maybe not all 365 days, but for at least 3 months between June and August. This means that warm weather doesn't make a state a top place to live.

What About Good Jobs & Affordable Housing?

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Jaskaran Kooner

• Money moves a state to the top, right? Not in this case. While states with a good budget surplus, affordable housing, and high-paying jobs are a benefit, that doesn't make them a "top" state to live in.

• What makes a state a "top" state to live in? I literally told you a few bullet points ago. It's about location. To be a top state to live in. You must be at the top. Literally.

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Take A Look At The Map

• What are the top 12 states? The map I'm about to show you highlights the top 12 states to live in. Two of the states are neighbors of Iowa and Illinois. The top 12 states to live in include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Washington
  3. Idaho
  4. Montana
  5. North Dakota
  6. Minnesota
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Michigan
  9. New York
  10. Vermont
  11. New Hampshire
  12. Maine

• But how?! As you read that list of the top 12 states to live in, what do they all have in common? Professional sports? No. Great colleges? No. Think about their geographical location as states in the greatest country in America. Where are they?

It's a joke: Do you get it? The top 12 states? They are all literally at the top of the country.

You're welcome for wasting the last 5 minutes of your life. Have a great day!

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