There's a guy in the Seattle area whose name is 'Taylor Swift' and as you can imagine, these past few years have been a little weird for him.

Getty Images / Fox29

When he first heard about her being an up-and-coming artist, he was curious. He says, "I started researching her and was like, 'Okay, she does country music, that's great. She writes her own music, that's awesome!'"

Now, it's getting intense. It's something people always notice when he hands them a credit card, and he had a professional photography website, but there's no way anyone would be able to find it on Google under his name.

He gets a lot of email intended for the other Taylor Swift, because he actually had the address, although he got so many emails that he stopped using it. He's okay with it. He says, "It's a great confidence booster. It's like endless amounts of 'You're beautiful, you're so talented, you're a great role model, you have a beautiful voice,' and here I am just like, 'Oh, thank you!'"

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