A new survey asked guys what the ideal man-cave would look like. Basically you need multiple TVs, plenty of beer, and a sign that says, "no wives allowed".

Results from the survey found that the most important features are multiple TVs and a sound system. An indoor putting green ranked last. But come on, how awesome would that be?

Of course, beer is the most popular drink to have on hand. Soda and hard liquor are next and I'm guessing water wasn't an option.

56% of guys said the ideal place for a man-cave is the basement. It's a little more cave-like than a spare bedroom or the garage.

The #1 celebrity guys want to hang out with in their man-cave is The Rock. Millennials would also like to hang with Drake, Gen Xers would like to hang with Bill Murray, and Baby Boomers would like to kick back with Tom Hanks.

42% of guys with man-caves said they hang out in there just about every day with 5% having spent more than $10,000 setting it up.

A majority of the guys surveyed said that, ideally, their significant other would never come in.

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