If you're going over the river and over the woods to grandmother's house in a plane this year, chances are your Thanksgiving packing is different than your Mid-Summer packing. The TSA published a list of travel tips to survive the busy lines and make your flying experience as pain free as possible. They want the process to be as smooth as possible, being there's a 4% increase in passengers expected from last year, at 26.8 million people traveling by plane.

  • Get to the airport early. If you're flying domestic, get there two hours early. If you're flying international, three hours early is your best bet.
  • Solid foods such as stuffing, casseroles, cakes, and pies can travel through. Keep an eye on it though, because those agents will be working long hours with only a few breaks for snacks.
  • You can travel with gravy, cranberry sauce, wine, jam, and any other liquid foods, they just have to go in a checked bag. If it can be sprayed, spilled, poured, spread, or pumped, it goes in that checked bag.
  • DSW
  • You already know you can't take a knife on the plane, so don't try and take your electric carver on the plane.
  • Don't pack anything on the TSA's prohibited items list. If you have something questionable, just private message the TSA on Facebook, or Tweet @AskTSA.
  • Download the MyTSA app. It has the full list of items allowed through security, and will tell you if there's any delays.
  • Get your items out of your pockets and into your carry on while you're waiting in those long lines, and have your ID ready before you get to the end of the line.
  • Enroll in TSA Precheck. You can leave your shoes, jacket, and belt buckle on, and leave your electronics in your bag.
  • Pay attention to the TSA officers. They'll sometimes let you know the line is shorter one way, will let you skip that guy who waited until he was at the kiosk to get his ID out.
  • Read more at TSA

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