That's the name of the next book I plan to read ... I had forgotten about it until I saw that this is the date it was released 5 years ago.  I'm bettin' on it being a great read, and that I'll be recommending it to 'ya for a Christmas gift!

I have always rooted for, and supported Bob Seger for 3 main reasons .. 1) he's been beat-up by critics all his career, and didn't deserve it... 2) at the height of his popularity after "Live Bullitt" he honored a verbal promise and still came and played at my High School Football Stadium for a low-cost ticket... most rock stars wouldn't have done that.. and finally, 3)  I felt bad for him when his wife had an affair with a Detroit rock radio personality ... that's just embarrassing.   So aside from loving his music, I am a Bob Seger fan for other reasons .. and if this is a "comeback" tour ... I'm all in!   See 'ya in St. Louis 12/13 !!