People hear horror stories all the time about traveling to Mexico. We put this list of tips together with the help of our listeners to help your trip be as safe and healthy as possible.

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Most of these only apply outside of your resort, but be sure to always keep them in mind.

  1. Bottled water only. Most resorts also have potable water in the sinks, but only for brushing teeth.
  2. Keep your money in your sock. This will help keep your money hidden in the case of a robbery.
  3. Take a lot of $1 bills. Tipping the hotel staff well will give you much better service during your stay. $2 bills will get you farther with the bar staff.
  4. Do not give money to beggars. Buying anything from the kids running around will have you swarmed with hundreds of them trying to get your money.
  5. Walk straight out the door when you get your luggage. Timeshare representatives will be trying to catch you and get you reeled into a deal.
  6. Do not leave the resort with a pocket full of Mexican money. Get it exchanged back to US dollars, Mexican cash is worthless in the states.
  7. Take a large insulated mug. You can get more draft beer at once and you won't have to deal with small plastic cups.
  8. Medicate prior to becoming sick. If you're not used to spicy food or may be prone to motion sickness, take something to treat it before you get sick.
  9. Use the bathroom on the plane before it lands. You never know how long you'll be stuck in Customs before you can use a bathroom in the airport.
  10. Do not eat raw fruits or vegetables. They may look delicious, but don't trust them.
  11. Haggle for everything. The price will come down if you say no, everybody will give you the best price.
  12. Buy sunscreen and take it with you. Otherwise you will pay $25/bottle once on the resort. Transport them inside zip lock bag so the pressure changes don't ruin your clothing.
  13. Buy silver the smart way. Check each piece for a Mexican sterling silver mark. Ask the seller what the price of silver is today to make sure you're getting a fair price.

Listener Karen just got back from her first trip to Mexico. She told us this morning that these tips helped make her traveling go smoothly. She also sent us some pics from her trip: