There are plenty of jobs for people who are really good at persuading people to do stuff: Con artist, stripper, hypnotist, cult leader, orgy promoter.

There are some legitimate jobs too, but, spoiler alert, they're way less flashy.

iStock put together a list of the 10 best jobs for people who are spectacular at persuasion. Don't worry about whether you're qualified for them, if you're really that persuasive, shouldn't you be able to talk your way in?

The 10 jobs are:

  1. Business operations manager
  2. IT manager
  3. Company financial manager
  4. Sales rep manager
  5. Personal financial advisor
  6. Construction manager
  7. Sales rep
  8. Medical and health services manager
  9. Administrative services manager
  10. Marketing manager

Those all sound so dry. Let's revisit that cult leader plan, right?