Time Magazine always highlights the year's top gadgets that had an impact, so being the end of the decade, they decided to highlight gadgets that've had a massive impact on our culture. They look at the devices that are still used or relevant.

  1. Apple iPad (2010)- Apple turned Sci-Fi into reality with this product
  2. Tesla Model S (2012)- While it is a car, it's fully electric, so it counts
  3. Raspberry Pi Mini-Computer (2012)- Open source computer that helps teach coding
  4. Google Chromecast (2013)- Plugs into a TV to transform into a Smart TV
  5. DJI Phantom Drone (2013) - Transformed the way we take pictures and video
  6. Amazon Echo (2014)- Voice Activated Home Assistant
  7. Apple Watch (2015)- Send texts, answer calls, track your heart rate, and more from your wrist
  8. Apple AirPods (2016)- Top Tier wireless earbuds that changed the industry standards
  9. Nintendo Switch (2017)- Gaming console made for TV and on the go
  10. Xbox Adaptive Controller (2018)- Controller for people with limited mobility

All of these gadgets are still very much relevant, and if you think someone would enjoy one being under the tree, head to your closest electronics store.

Read more at Time Magazine

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