I expect this list will spark a very heated debate. An article published on Uproxx ranks the top 10 frozen pizzas.

pepperoni pie 590

The whole list is based entirely on the writer's opinions, you can read the full article at Uproxx. See if you agree with her:

  1. Red Baron.
  2. DiGiorno's.
  3. Hot Pockets.
  4. Stouffer's French Bread.
  5. California Pizza Kitchen.
  6. Bagel Bites.
  7. Tombstone.
  8. Totino's Pizza Rolls.
  9. Amy's vegetarian, gluten free pizza.
  10. Trader Joe's.

This list is fundamentally flawed, they got so much wrong that it's laughable. First, Hot Pockets ARE NOT pizza. Totino's Pizza Rolls... still NOT pizza. Bagel Bites? While round and covered with toppings, still not really pizza.

Here's what I think are the top frozen pizzas, fight me:

  1. Mama Bosso
  2. Screamin' Sicilian
  3. Tombstone
  4. Jacks
  5. Urban Pie

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