If you haven't bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, this might save you a few bucks. Don't pay more just because the label says it was raised "cage-free". With turkeys, that's just marketing nonsense.

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With chickens, "cage-free" is a real thing. When you buy "cage-free" eggs, it means the hen didn't spend its whole life in a tiny cage.

But every single turkey that comes from a farm in America is already cage-free, because they're just not raised in cages like that. Companies only put it on the label to make you feel good, and get you to spend a few extra bucks.

You also might see the phrase "young turkey" on the label, or the term "hormone-free". Those are both meaningless too. It's illegal to use hormones on turkeys in the U.S. Every turkey they sell at grocery stores is "young". No one's out there feeding them for an extra five years just so they can sell you an old turkey.

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