You'd like to think that we could all behave like mature adults, since, you know, we are all adults. But that really doesn't happen.

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A new survey by CareerBuilder found that 77% of us have seen a coworker do something childish in the office. Here are the 10 immature things we see the most often:

  1. Whining.
  2. Pouting because something didn't go their way.
  3. Tattling on another coworker.
  4. Playing a prank on another coworker.
  5. Making a face behind someone's back.
  6. Forming a clique.
  7. Starting a rumor about a coworker.
  8. Storming out of the room.
  9. Throwing a temper tantrum.
  10. Refusing to share with other people.

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