The news of the death of Bob Burns had me head to Wiki to find out just where he fit in my catalogue of rock knowledge. Like you, I never gave the drummer position of Lynyrd Skynyrd much thought beyond Artimus Pyle.

As it turns out, Burns was a founding member, who's precise yet relaxed style was the backbeat for the band getting their first record deal. He drummed throughout their first recordings, but appears only sporadically on the records after '71. The band used two drummers, adding Rickey Medlocke for the studio and tours in the early 70's.

Artimus Pyle joined after '74, when it appears Burns took final leave of the band due to the rigors of touring. He stayed friends, or at least in contact enough to help promote a DVD in 1996, and be able to perform with the band at the induction ceremony with Kid Rock for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006

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Burns joined for two songs, Sweet Home Alabama, and Freebird. Medlocke was not inducted as either an original member, or current member as Pyle was at the time of the induction. Here is a video of that performance.

Burns went out of control on a Georgia road and hit a mailbox and tree coming home from a performance on April 3rd.