77% of HR managers say they've found a lie, a mistake, or something totally ridiculous on someone's resume, according to a new survey. But some are more ridiculous than others.


Here are some of the craziest things HR managers have seen on people's resumes:

  1. The person's last name was Flin, but autocorrect changed it to "Flintstone," and he didn't catch it before he sent it in.
  2. A person misspelled "attention" in the phrase "great attention to detail."
  3. A person said they worked at a federal prison, a background check showed it was while they were locked up there.
  4. Someone listed "taking long walks" as a skill.
  5. A guy wrote that he'd work harder if he got paid more.
  6. Someone printed their resume on paper with pictures of cats in the corners.
  7. Someone listed "smoking" as one of their hobbies.

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