The Buffalo Bills haven't won 10 games in a season since the Clinton administration, but their fans are notorious for losing their minds while tailgating. did a study to figure out how much it would cost fans to attend all 16 regular season games, for each NFL team. That includes tickets, beer, hot hogs, transportation to the away cities, and accommodations in those places. So they look at each team's prices, and the prices where their schedule will take them this season.

After crunching all the numbers, they found that Buffalo Bills fans would shell out the most to attend all 16 games. It would cost roughly $7,991.15, which is a lot to watch a team go 6-10. Here are the five most expensive teams to root for:

  1. Buffalo Bills – $7,991.15
  2. Houston Texans – $7,620.84
  3. Oakland Raiders – $7,292.13
  4. Detroit Lions – $7,082.55
  5. Seattle Seahawks – $7,059.66

The five least expensive teams to root for are:

  1. Washington Redskins – $4,469.26
  2. Atlanta Falcons – $4,617.19
  3. New York Giants – $4,744.39
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – $4,746.13
  5. Cincinnati Bengals – $4,919.47

The Chicago Bears ranked in as the 9th cheapest team at $5,308.51 and the Green Bay Packers are the 13th most expensive at $6,112.50.

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