A new survey from Expedia asked 1,000 people who the most annoying hotel guests are. Parents who let their kids run around unsupervised took the top spot.

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
  1. Inattentive parents.
  2. People who make noise in the hallways.
  3. People who complain to the front desk about everything.
  4. People who throw loud parties in their room.
  5. Couples who fight in public.
  6. Guests who party too hard by the pool.
  7. People who are loud when they get it on in their room.
  8. Guests who make out in the hot tub.
  9. Loud, drunk business travelers at the hotel bar.
  10. People who try to start conversations in the elevator.

The survey also found 26% of us have taken toiletries home, 9% have had extra people stay in a room without paying, 8% have stolen something other than toiletries, and 5% have smoked in a room that was non-smoking.

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