Apparently, there's a literal "golden ticket" for the exclusive club of MLB players that allows them to get into any game, whenever they feel like it.

The ticket is the size of a credit card, and says "Lifetime Pass."

“It’s great to have that and reaffirm all the hard work and the sacrifices we as players made to get here,” former Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista, who received his gold pass from Major League Baseball in 2013, told The Toronto Star. “It’s a symbol of all the things you do, the work, all those things that it takes, and one day you can look at the pass and look back on what you did.”

The passes are only given to the players, umpires, scouts, executives and employees who were in service of Major League Baseball for eight years.

It allows access to any MLB game for the rest of their lives.

The golden card is the size of a credit card, so it'll fit inside of a wallet, but according to the Toronto Star, nobody keeps theirs in their wallet.

Some coaches and players told the paper that they keep their pass in their dressers or safes in their homes.

Most say they won't even use it for the intended purpose, because they see it more as symbolic as their time with the league.

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